By: Kevin Jordan

Not so much.

(It’s award consideration season and I’m playing catch-up.  As I tear through them, I thought I’d try mini-reviews.  Enjoy!)

I have hang-ups with titles that don’t make sense and Good Time is a textbook example.  Good Time is about two brothers, one of whom is mentally disabled – Nick (Ben Safdie), who rob a bank but are thwarted by a dye pack because the non-mentally disabled brother – Connie (Robert Pattinson) – is an idiot.  After a chase with the cops, Nick is arrested and taken to jail where he gets the shit beat out of him and is hospitalized.  Connie is short on bail money, so embarks on an eventful night involving a junkie girlfriend (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and an acid dealer (among other things) as Connie tries to come up with the needed cash.  At no point can any of the events be considered a “good time,” including Connie almost fucking a sixteen-year old girl (despite the current opinion of Roy Moore and half the state of Alabama).  In my year-end review, I’m introducing a new category called “Movies Not For Me.”  Maybe there are weirdos out there entertained by movies that remind you how shitty life and some people can be, but I’m not one of those weirdos.

Rating: Ask for nine dollars back and a coherent title.