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Walking Music happened by complete chance. Whilst roaming the blanketed alpine countryside of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, chubby lawyer William Kilduff, Esq had a chance encounter with Buru (aka Ngozi); a Rastafarian Music-man. After meshing Niabingi drums and an acoustic guitar (thanks to the magical Chris Carter of Leung and the Wreck) for a few hours, the two of them, along with the crew from MNG Coffee rolled into downtown Kigston in the middle of the night to get into the studio and record a track. The vibes were there. After the trip, William decided that he wanted to keep doing things like this and became Grandpa Boots, in homage to his grandfather whom passed away on his birthday that year. He and Ngozi (aka Buru) have kept the link and are now on the move spreading love through the simple act of an impromptu Jam session. Stay tuned for the premier of the documentary surrounding their second encounter in the summer of 2013 in the summer of 2014 and keep up with the previews and updates along the way! Walking Music is coming . . .