The story of a young couple who moves to the suburbs to raise their new daughter and begin their voyage into adulthood but unexpectedly find themselves living next to a Frat house and all the shenanigans you expect to come with it.

Nicholas Stoller hits the mark with Neighbors. This is one of the great turn your mind off and just let the funny happen movies. Seth Rogan plays the character he has perfected over the last several years next to Zac Efron who has come into his own with That Awkward Moment and Neighbors. Rose Byrne plays the perfect straight woman to Rogan. We laughed from the opening scene straight through to the closing credits. The move is definitely raunchy and parts could be taken as offensive by those looking for a fight.

After a couple of weeks between having seen the movie and reading through my notes it has sunk in that the plot and underlying themes aren’t as thin as I had originally thought. This movie tells the story out loud that so many of us struggle with in our own heads. The transition from “the system can’t hold me down and I will always do what I want when I want” to the “holy crap I have a wife and a job and a baby what do I do now early adulthood”. We never want to be the grouchy old man yelling at the kids to stay off our lawn but we also at some point have to retire the six foot bong…. Great movie go and see it!