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Chad Drew

Chad Drew

Pot Talk Host

TNF: 04/14/15 ~ South Side Derby Dames

Battle of the Newbies (aka Fresh Meat): Dr. SpanknGrind vs. Afflictions Professional Battle of the Blockers: Unholy Trinity vs. Slej Hammer Battle of the Jammers: Sin Smitty vs. Tragek Chris’s Favorites: Static Camera:

Ray Luzier (KORN) | Sabian Cymbals

Music Buzz Live Radio LIVE: WEDNESDAYS 6-8pm MDT (on our “HOME” page)Featuring Bob Rupp & Jamey Crow Bartley PRODUCED BY: Chris Thomas EDITED BY: Jamey Crow Bartley & Aaron Sears (City 11…

WorldViral.TV (short example reel) ~ 8/21/14

• Riki Rachtman (Headbanger’s Ball, Nascar, Loveline, Rock of Love, Daisy of Love), Hell’s Belle’s, Kevin Fitzgerald (Animal Planet), Robbie, Kneivel, Chris “Birdman” Anderson (Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat)… (all guests on our NEW station)… • We have fun and plug…