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#PotTalk 10/11/17 ~ Marqaha | Fist Fight

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#Pot Talk 9/27/17 ~ Kate Heckman (Stratos)

Watch Episode 08/02/17 ~ Gregg Stone | The Unity Allstars | Geek Strong

Cannabis and Music Collide! This week, WORLDVIRAL catches up with Uncle Nasty, Unity Allstars, and Geek Strong Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube
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#PotTalk – 05/31/17 – Breaking the Grass Ceiling TAKEOVER

The authors of "Breaking the Grass Ceiling", Ashley and Lauren, invited three of the subjects featured in their book about women in cannabis to a TAKEOVER of the WorldViral studios! Wanda, dispensary owner, Genifer, cannabis jewelry company owner, and Julie, edible...
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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube
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#PotTalk – 06/14/17 – CODA Signature

BUDTENDER to the STARS and CT catch up with Christina from CODA Signature! Joined by Pam from The Humbuckers. She announces a NEW Flavor of medicated chocolate bar is NOW available...along with other great information on some of their favorite products in the CODA...
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POT TALK: 05/17/17 ~ THE LAB

Ryan and Kim from The Lab stop by to discuss their pods, how PAX is involved, and why this new product is taking the Denver cannabis market by storm. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube LIVESTREAM: FACEBOOK:...
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Colorado Harvest Company veteran store manager and YouTube channel host Mark "The Guy That Could Fly" joins us for a discussion about the state of the Denver cannabis industry, and what it's like to FLY! Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube LIVESTREAM:...
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Our friend Kate Awada, owner of 5700 Consulting, returns to give us an update on how her company, which focuses on educating current and aspiring workers in cannabis, is growing and thriving! Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube LIVESTREAM:...
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POT TALK: 04/19/17 ~ SAM KIRK (O.penVAPE)

Openvape App Manager and long-time #PotTalk friend Sam Kirk joins us for some quick updates on all things OrgannaBrands during our Third Annual 4/20 Celebration! Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube LIVESTREAM: FACEBOOK:...
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Advanced Movie Screenings

Watch Movies (in Denver) BEFORE They Hit Theaters


SUBURBICON Do you want to see SUBURBICON before it hits theaters? Well click on the link for your chance to download an admit-two screening pass for an advance screening on Wednesday, October 25th at 7:00PM in Denver! Seats in the...
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THE SNOWMAN Do you want to win passes to see the new thriller THE SNOWMAN? There will be a screening in Denver on Wednesday, October 18. Just click the link to enter to win. Entry deadline is 10/16. Winners will be notified on...
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GEOSTORM Some things were never meant to be controlled. You and a guest are invited to the free RPX advance screening on Wed 10/18 in Denver. Visit to download your complimentary tickets. (Passes admit up to 2, while supplies last....
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HAPPY DEATH DAY We are working on Universal Pictures new film HAPPY DEATH DAY and will be hosting a screening next Tuesday. Are you able to post the below link for readers/followers to win screening passes? Screening: Tuesday, October 10 at 7:00pm at the Regal...
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BLADE RUNNER 2049 Our future begins with his past. Enter to win tickets to see BLADE RUNNER 2049 in theaters! Visit to enter. Entry deadline is 10/5 and winners will be notified 10/6 via email. Be sure to say you heard about the...
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THE FOREIGNER You and a guest are invited to an advance screening of THE FOREIGNER! Follow this link: or your chance to download an admit-two pass to see the film on Monday, October 9 in Denver! Seating in the theatre is first-come,...
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AMERICAN MADE Do you want to see AMERICAN MADE before it hits theaters? Well click on the link Screening: Tuesday, September 26 at 7:00pm at the UA Colorado Center AMERICAN MADE (Universal) In Theaters September 29 Genre:...
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VICTORIA AND ABDUL Do you want to see VICTORIA AND ABDUL before it hits theaters? Well click on the link for your chance to download an admit-two screening pass for an advance screening on Monday, September 25th at 7:00PM...
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mother! Do you want free tickets to see Darren Arnofsky’s new film mother!? For your chance to win, send your full name and birthdate to and enter ‘mother!’ in the subject line. Entry deadline is 9/18. Winners will be notified that morning....
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle You and a guest are invited to an advance screening of KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE! Follow this link: for your chance to win an admit-two pass to see the film on Monday, September 18 in Denver! Must...
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Movie Reviews

by Kevin Jordan

The Foreigner

By: Kevin Jordan Jackie Chan for the win. Of all the actors you’ve seen in a film or television, can you name one that appears to love their job more than Chan?  You know when you hear he’s in a new movie, you are in.  You don’t even need to know the title; just when...
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American Made

By: Kevin Jordan This actually happened. If the only thing you think of when you hear the word contra is up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-b-a-select-start, you’re not alone.  Even with as much history as I consume, I still haven’t jumped into the events of...
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

By: Kevin Jordan It sucked, but not because it’s a sequel. Just before the movie It released and shattered box office records, a bunch of Chicken Littles wrote a bunch of articles bemoaning the poor summer box office returns, reheating a classic groupthink explanation...
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American Assassin

By: Kevin Jordan Mmmmm. Ears. Long live the 80’s.  When the climax of American Assassin completed, I immediately knew I would be writing a review in Ruthless Review’s 80’s Action Movie format.  American Assassin checks off all the boxes and even reminds us of other...
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By: Kevin Jordan Less is more. In one of the weirder quirks of movie scheduling, two Stephen King adaptations released within a month of each other.  The first - The Dark Tower - was a bit of a disappointment financially and a major flop among critics.  Personally, I...
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The Only Living Boy in New York

By: Kevin Jordan Pretentious is as pretentious does. It is not a good sign for a movie when one of the first things the audience hears is how New York just isn’t New York any more.  I’m not sure if New Yorkers know this, but the vast majority of people in this country...
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Wind River

By: Kevin Jordan The Great White Hunter The last shot of the movie Wind River has a title card stating that no data is kept tracking the number of missing Native American girls.  This is a strange way to end a movie that isn’t about missing girls, but is about solving...
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The Dark Tower

By: Kevin Jordan Adapt at your own risk. Let’s just get this out of the way right now.  If you are a fan of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, at the very least, you are probably going to be disappointed in the movie The Dark Tower.  At the very most, you’re going...
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Atomic Blonde

By: Kevin Jordan Confusion and breasts. It’s not often that I’m completely confused by my feelings for a movie, but Atomic Blonde is one of those instances.  My immediate reaction at the end of the movie was “I think I liked it?  Maybe?”  It definitely had elements I...
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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

By: Kevin Jordan Oh, dear god. Imagine if Jupiter Ascending and John Carter had a baby.  Then, imagine if they used that baby as the ball in a game of kickball.  Finally, imagine the two star players of the game had all the chemistry, charisma, and playing skills of...
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